Compression Springs

Compression Springs
Compression Springs are common springs.
They are used in such familiar articles, as a ball point pen, and that of a car suspension coil. You will find compression springs manufactured from very fine wires, to very heavy bars. Compression springs will generally need support, from either an internal rod, or an external cup or bore. This is because they are very prone to buckling once force is applied.  To control buckling the height of a spring should not exceed 3 times that of the width of the base of the spring. Otherwise a control method needs to be put in place.
As a compression spring is compressed, the load is increasing due to torsional stress resistance.
Compression springs can also be formed as a conical spring. The body of the spring is either tapered at one end or both. As the wire used to manufacture a compression spring gets heavier, springs are often ground flat on each end for stability. Compression springs are often shot peened to increase their life expectancy. When required, protective coatings can come in either painted, or plating finishes.
As with other springs different raw material options are available.
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