Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs
Torsion springs are used in application, where a force needs to be applied to an object on a pivoting axis. It is normal, that the spring would be wound to apply an initial force and then fitted. So it is such that in its rest position the spring is under load. As the object is rotated, the spring load will increase applying more force to the object.
A torsion spring should be actuated in the direction whereas the coils will close. This action will also cause the spring to increase its bodies overall length. Room needs to be provided, on the pivoting axis to allow for this.
A torsion spring, should not be used is such a way as it to open out or decrease its length from a rest position. This action, if too great, will damage the spring, therefore torsions springs are not designed to work in this manner.
Torsion springs are relatively cheap and fast to produce, and can be manufactured in a number of different spring materials, such as  black spring wires, pre galvanized spring wire, stainless wire, brass and phos-bronze wires.
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